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Canine Conservation (pty) ltd, trading as K9 Conservation, is registered as a security provider with PSiRA: 2202576.

Employing extensive in-the-field experience, K9 Conservation provides logistical backup and support to conservation areas and game parks through the deployment of elite, highly trained and specialized, working dog units. Our primary function is to aid and assist game reserve and wilderness area owners/bodies counteract illegal hunting and wildlife trade by poachers and poaching syndicates. As each situation is unique, together with you, we tailor-make and implement a program to meet your precise needs. Having agreed the plan we then deploy a K9 unit into your area, 24/7, which works to resolve your specific problem/s.

Our field rangers and dogs are carefully selected and paired to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, while non-stop on-the-job training ensures our units are continually rated top class.

K9 Conservation operates successfully in any terrain, mobilises anytime, anywhere and, when necessary, remains in the field for extended periods.

Wherever the K9 unit is deployed poachers are swiftly dealt with, with all resulting engagements adhering strictly to the rule of law.

It is proven that once trained working dogs are deployed into an area the news quickly spreads among poachers and criminal syndicates alike and the level and frequency of poaching incidents (and often other crime) usually drops dramatically, this ensures and is an effective deterrent to criminals.

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