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  • Member Game Rangers Ass Africa
  • Working with dogs in conservation 17 years
  • 20 Years Game Ranger Experience
  • Extensive Experience in Counter-Poaching
  • 15 years Game Management Experience
  • 15 years Game Capturing Experience
  • Ex Police reservist special protected species unit

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About Conraad de Rosner


K9 Conservation Training Staff are committed and dedicated to the task of ensuring that our Students receive the highest possible level of attention at all times.

Dog handler Conraad de Rosner has been working with his dogs in the conservation category for the past 17 years and is thoroughly experienced in the use of working dogs in the natural environment:
  • Rhino horn detection indication
  • Ivory and other wildlife contraband
  • Indication wire/cable Snares
  • Animal carcasses or remnants detection
  • "Multi" and the residual scent of animal body parts or scats
  • Bush meat poachers
  • Vehicle and premises inspection
  • Tracking wounded or darted animals
  • Assisting scientific researchers and wildlife vets

    • If the poachers have dogs, the weimaranas will track the dog scent rather than the humans. He can detect and successfully indicate or track the scents of meat, blood or dung on suspects clothing or shoes, or in their premises and vehicles. They are also trained in self-defense and suspect restraint.

      Over the years, Conraad and his weimaranas have had many successes – the most newsworthy, yet perhaps least important being the successful tracking and recapture of Panjo the tiger in Mpumalanga during 2010 using Zingela. (Time taken to locate the Tiger was under an hour). Without doubt their numerous criminal arrests have been directly attributable to the fact that Conraad's highly trained and experienced dog played a lead role in the investigation and discovery of illegal contraband and/or hunting that had taken place. Conraad's experience in the bush is second to none and with a career in the field that spans over 20 years…..

 K9Conservation Catherine and Manzi

About Catherine Corrett


Catherine Corrett grew up and lived in the heart of London but Africa and its wildlife stole her heart in 2008 and she eventually moved to South Africa in 2011 to become co-founder of K9 Conservation.

Catherine has spent the past five years deeply involved in conservation, working with some of the finest reserves and conservation programs in South Africa in many different fields, from relocating animals and rehabilitating threatened species to anti-poaching operations and environmental monitoring.

Catherine is also a qualified Dog Handler and she and Director Conraad de Ronser have dedicated the past 5 years to actively motivating and demonstrating the effectiveness of working dogs in anti-poaching operations throughout South Africa and Intra-Africa. Catherine holds a BA Honors degree in Social Anthropology and a Masters degree in Television and Current Affairs Journalism. She has also trained as a photo-journalist, cameraman and editor and has worked for the BBC, Reuters and has featured articles in Africa Geographic.

Her love of wildlife and dogs and passion for conservation has been instrumental in the foundation of K9 Conservation.

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Our aim
"Ensuring the protection of Africa’s threatened wildlife and the Conservation of their habitats."

What we do?
Employing extensive in-the-field experience, K9 Conservation provides logistical backup and support to conservation areas and game parks through the deployment of elite, highly trained and specialized, working dog units.

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